Style Tips*!

                                       Cute n' Straight

A great style is cute n' straight just like Ashley Tisdale. Straight hair is adorable ( i think). You an wear it with any style! If you have never straightend your hair you should try it! Here is what you need...   1. A straightener   2. A mirror!  Straightend hair is only ONE of my favorite hairstyles.        Stick with straight, and you will look great  :]

                                           Curly Ponytail  with a Poof

This cute style is one of my faves! I think it is so cute. It  looks AWESOME on V. Anne Hudgens. && it will probably look good on you to haha! You should try this adorable style. It is pretty simple. Just print out this page and mabey for a party tell your mom you want a hairstyle that looks like V's. And she just might take you to a hairstylist!! Well just an idea :]  


Emily Osment has GREAT style! She is one of my favorites. And especially her hair. The bangs are one stylish styles! If you put them to the side a little bit, mess around with them too, they will probably look like hers. Trust me if you mess around with them... they will look just right!

                     ( i will add more each week)     PLEASE LEAVE  COMMENT!   thanks.   <33 renee